E.D. Self Assessment

Test your rate of erectile dysfunction

Most men have experienced difficulty in getting or keeping an erection at one-time. Having trouble performing in the bedroom when you’re nervous or have had too much to drink may not be something to be concerned about. It isn’t erectile dysfunction until you’ve been experiencing ongoing difficulties.

Do I Have Erectile Dysfunction ?

This may be one of the most important tests you’ll ever take. By answering just a few simple questions, you can determine whether you have symptoms of ED.
To take the quiz, think back to the last six months. Consider all of the times when you’ve attempted to be intimate with your partner and answer as truthfully as you can.1

1.How confident did you feel that you could get and keep an erection ?
2.When you had erections, how often were they hard enough for sex ?
3.Were you able to maintain your erection after penetration ?
4.Were you able to maintain your erection until orgasm ?
5.Is your sex life satisfactory ?