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What to expect after a penile implant surgery?

All the questions about penile implants you can ask, answered by specialist doctors and nurses. There is a lot to learn about the penile implant procedure, so let’s get started!

After surgery: are there any complications?

You will feel your implant when it is inflated as well as deflated. However, as it is inside you, no one will know that you have an implant unless they touch your genitalia. The sensation experienced by you and your partner will be different to start with, however, you will enjoy a normal erection, with an orgasm and an ejaculation as you get used to the implant.

However, some complications may exist. Some men may experience lower urinary tract symptoms after surgery. This is usually due to the catheter that was placed at the time of surgery. These symptoms usually improve within two weeks of the surgery, however, you may want to let your urologist or nurse specialist know, so a urine test can be organise.

Infections usually manifest with in two to three weeks of your operation. Occasionally, this can happen later in the healing process, but is less likely. Bruising and swelling of the scrotum and penis, straight after the operation, is relatively normal. This usually improves over a two week period, however, if this does not improve, and you notice discharge or any increased pain to the penis, contact your urologist or nurse specialist as soon as possible.

What a patient can expect and what can be the causes of disappointment?

What is the recovery time?

Everyone is different and recovery time varies. However, the recovery time is typically between 6 weeks until you can resume sexual activity.2 Your doctor or nurse will determine what you can and can’t do during this time. It is important to follow all recommendations from your health care professionals for the best outcome.

What happens post operation
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