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We understand.”When I was struggling with treating my E.D, I wasn’t myself. No just beacause my body wasn’t working. It was like my whole mood shifted. I couldn’t even kiss my wife because I was afraid of what woud-or wouldn’t-happen next…But I found a solution that works, and I’m here to tell you. You can, too.”

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Living BETTER natural tips to reduce ED
Dr Janine David & Ms. Angela Gregory
Lifestyle Tips & Healthy habits to treat ED
Have you thought about examining your lifestyle and adopting a new and healthier routine? Get ...
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Diabetes, How to prevent ED? – FAQ
1 in 4 men over age 65 experience some degree of erectile dysfunction (ED).1And men ...
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ED Solutions
How to support a Partner with ED
As a partner, we can sometimes feel as though we are responsible for the wellbeing ...


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ED Solutions
Stress management and Erection
Did you know that stress can affect your sex life? Over the course of their ...
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Talk about ED with a psychosexual counsellor – FAQ
Find the answers to your questions with our expert. Angela Gregory has vast experience working ...
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Connect with your partner: alternative ways
Having erectile dysfunction is by no means an end in itself: desire and pleasure are ...