Erectile Dysfunction: It’s common and it’s treatable.If you are dealing with E.D, you’re not alone: nearly one in every four men over 65 (1) will experience some degree of ED. Younger men often struggle with E.D. as well. There is a lot to learn so let’s get started.

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About ED

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How erections work?
The penis is a complex organ, controlled by the nervous system, chemical hormones and blood ...
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What is Erectile Dysfunction?
Any man can experience sexual failure in their lifetime. It does not necessarily mean you ...
What causes erectile dysfunction
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What are the main causes of ED?
It can be difficult to talk about Erectile Dysfunction (ED), but ED is more common ...

Other causes

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What is the Link between ED and Cardiovascular disease?
1 in 4 men over age 65 experience some degree of erectile dysfunction (ED)1—and almost ...
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What is the Link between ED and Diabetes?
Diabetes is a very common cause of erectile dysfunction. Clinical experience and numerous studies suggest ...